A different way to discover Ibiza


IBIZA/slash is an illustrated guide about Ibiza. But it is also much more than that.

It is a tasting menu that smell fresh like the sea.
It is a cocktail of culture, nature and sensations.
It's a walk through the best of Ibiza.

Specially designed to be shared with a coffee.

Number 1 - Alpha Edition

First IBIZA/slash issue in Alpha edition (not finished and containing many bugs) in which we will take a refreshing walk through Dalt Vila, Ses Salines, Puig de Missa and many other sites. We will also discover the fauna and flora that inhabit the island and some recommended restaurants. We hope you enjoy it!

You are downloading the SPANISH EDITION (sorry, the english edition is still coming)



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Restaurante Chirincana Ibiza


Very close to where the weekly "hippy" market of Es Canar is held, is located the Chirincana restaurant/bar/terrace. They call it Beach Bar, which describes pretty well what it is.
It is very frequented by hippies, tourists and the users of the camping that is just behind it, the Camping La Playa.

The food could be defined as exotic and is very well prepared. Reasonable prices, good views and better music.

Wednesdays night, coinciding with the hippy market, they make live music concerts.

Web de Chirincana
Camping La Playa
Hippy Market Es Canar

Sa Caleta illustration

Sa Caleta

Sa Caleta is one of the most charming beaches of Ibiza although it remains a great unknown to almost everyone. Maybe because the entrance is not very well marked. In fact, if you follow the indication of the stone that is drawn right down here, you arrive directly at Es Bol Nou, the beach that almost everyone calls Sa Caleta when it is not. Exactly, the one with Sa Caleta restaurant.

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Dalt Vila ilustracion

Dalt Vila, Ibiza

ATTENTION: english content is still being written without a proffesional translator.

Dalt Vila is the most iconic architectural complex on the island. Reproduced by infinity of artists and photographers it was declared Property of Cultural Interest by the Unesco in 1999, more or less.
Its surface is about 400 square km, no, wait, that's a lot, I think it's 300 square meters, wait, let's see ... that's very little ... well ... it's big and you can spend long time walking over there. It's worth you do it in the early hours of the day or when the sun begins to fall. It is very hot in summer.
In Dalt Vila is located the Museum of Contemporary Art, which is not a fascinating thing but it can be an entertaining activity if you do not have the agenda too bussy. Actually, the ethnological museum seems to me more interesting, but maybe it is not a Must for everyone (even I really liked it).

THE FACT: Dalt Vila is the upper part of the city, the part that is inside the walls. The lower part, the closest to the port is La Marina and is the one that concentrates the greatest number of pubs, restaurants and other things designed for tourism. Sa Penya is a neighborhood that remains half-way, it was a very troubled neighborhood and a few years ago it seems that it is being "cleaned" by the local gobernment.